What is the Hope Haven intake process?

Who is eligible for services?

To be eligible for Developmental Disabilities Services, individuals must meet disability criteria. The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) Regional Offices determines disability eligibility for persons residing in each region. The Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) determines financial and Medicaid eligibility for services that are funded through Medicaid Waiver resources. DBHDD establishes planning lists, determines eligibility, recommends appropriate services, provides follow-up contacts while awaiting services, and approves funding for individuals by awarding “slots” for services.

Therefore, individuals admitted to services that are funded through the Medicaid Waiver or state shall be admitted through the procedures and approval processes as established by the DBHDD Regional Office and its Intake and Evaluation (I&E) Team. DBHDD also notifies individuals when it is determined that they are either eligible or ineligible for services. DBHDD also informs the individuals receiving services, their family / support system, and the referral source as to the reasons as well as makes recommendations for alternative services when appropriate. The DBHDD Regional Office on the basis of their established long and short-term planning lists determines the process, order, and acceptance into services. This agency will accept and admit individuals for services according to these procedures.

This agency will assist individuals in accessing this system, communicating the status of their requests, and advocate for their needs and concerns in this process. Additional information and assistance can be obtained by contacting our agency’s social worker.

How do I make a contribution to Hope Haven?

There are several ways you can donate to Hope Haven.

  1. You can click the donate button in the top right corner of this website and follow the prompts to use a credit card through the secure system.
  2. You can write a check made payable to Hope Haven and mail it to 795 Newton Bridge Road, Athens, GA  30607.
  3. You can personally deliver cash or checks to our main facility on Newton Bridge Road.
  4. You can Donate via Venmo @Hope-haven-3
  5. You can donate by texting GIVE or DONATE to 706-249-4162 to receive a link to complete your donation.
  6. You can contribute towards our annual fundraiser by becoming a sponsor of the event. Please contact Amy Moore at 706-548-4361 for more information.

All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt in the mail following a contribution. Please provide your address so that you will receive your receipt at the correct address. Monetary donations may also be given as memorials or honorariums and the appropriate individuals will receive notice of the gift when that information is provided with the donation. We appreciate your support!

How do I apply for a job at Hope Haven?

Job vacancies are posted on Indeed.com, Hope Haven’s Facebook page, and Hope Haven’s website when applicable. All positions are vacant until filled. Resumes are accepted only with a completed application which may be obtained at Hope Haven or downloaded from our careers page. Interested applicants are encouraged to come by in person to fill out an application or visit www.hopehaven.net to download the online application and email the completed application to hr@hopehaven.net. Jobs may be filled quickly and the mail may not be the best option when applying.

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