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Supported Employment

Supported employment encourages participation in community life.


photo.dishesSupported Employment services are ongoing supports that enable participants for whom competitive employment at or above minimum wage is unlikely, absent the provision of supports, and who, because of their disabilities, need supports to perform in a regular work setting.  The scope and intensity of Supported Employment supports may change over time, based on the needs of the participant.  Supported Employment services are conducted in a variety of settings, particularly work sites where persons without disabilities are employed.

Participants who receive Supported Employment services must require long-term, direct or indirect job-related support in job supervision, adapting equipment, adapting behaviors, transportation assistance, peer support, and/or personal care assistance during the work day.  Supported Employment services consist of activities needed to obtain and sustain paid work by participants, including job location, job development, supervision, and training.

Employers: Hire People We Serve!

Help promote a sense of pride and independent growth by providing employment opportunities.

Prior to partnering an employer with an employee, Hope Haven assesses the employee’s needs, abilities and talents and helps them find a work setting that is mutually beneficial.

What do you as an employer stand to gain by participating in Hope Haven’s Supported Employment Program?

  1. Long-term employees, even for high-turnover positions
  2. No-cost placement services
  3. On-the-job training by professionals
  4. Ongoing support services for both employer and employee
  5. The opportunity to help willing individuals gain independence and make their own way through meaningful employment

To inquire about hiring an employee from Hope Haven’s Supported Employment program, contact Hope Haven directly.